rural tourism

Rural Tourism

Sikkim is much beyond its capital city of Gangtok. The heart of Sikkim lies in its villages where the people are more receptive, more smiling, have better rootedness and nature is also at its pristine best.  For students and teachers traveling to rural Sikkim, it would be a wonderful experience by itself to be a part of rural culture, understand the varieties of what makes Sikkim and its rural landscape unique and enchanting. This is a combination of various activities which would give students and teachers a perspective of rural Sikkim.

Rural Tourism would include the following aspects –

  1. Stay at rural Homestays
  2. Understand and be a part of the culture and traditions of Sikkim including cooking, gardening and organic farming
  3. Short hikes in the hills around where on the way, enhancing team games and activities would be encouraged
  4. Bird watching and flora watching under the guidance of a trained guide
  5. Visiting a rural government school and interacting with the students and teachers
  6. Traditional dances and engagement in the evenings
  7. Local Sightseeing and fun engagement


Number of Travel Days expected: 07 Days (2 Days travel and 5 days in Sikkim)