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Avian Tourism and Trekking

Sikkim for its biodiversity is nature’s blessed space. In Sikkim, there is a harmonious existence of people and birds and this makes Sikkim a unique place to explore avian tourism through the process of trekking, hiking and traveling between the small dense forests around the state. Sikkim is home to some of the most exquisite varieties of birds and a study of these beautiful species itself makes it compelling for young minds to explore the state.

Avian Tourism and Hiking would include the following aspects –

1. Stay at rural Homestays
2. Trek to the spaces around rural Sikkim where there are good species of birds
3. Study the local birds with the guidance of the local birdwatchers
4. Engage in conversations and discussions with communities to further enlighten on the aspect of birds and bird watching
5. Try your hand at capturing some of the most exquisite birds you would find
6. Camping and trekking expedition as you explore the avian beauty of the state
7. Visit a local school to understand and interact with students
8. Sightseeing and fun engagement

Number of Travel Days expected: 07 Days (2 Days travel and 5 days in Sikkim)