Based out of Sikkim’s capital city, Gangtok, Invacations is an educational travel startup

Who we are?

Invacations is an educational travel startup that connects students from institutes across the country with Northeast India, and vice-versa.
We endeavor to work with educational institutes and young minds with the aim that students from mainland India and Northeast understand each other better and progress towards the idea of an inclusive India.


Our basic mission is to contribute towards nation building by connecting young minds

What We Do?

Our basic mission is to contribute towards nation building by connecting young minds from across the country and north-east India. In other words, our main objective is to integrate India through ``Educational Travel.``

Educational Tourism and North East

Invacation works towards exploring Education Tourism as a Strategy for development and social change in North East India.

Educational tourism

refers to any “programme” in which participants travel to a location as a group with the primary purpose of engaging in a learning experience directly related to the location” (Rodger, 1998). The Tourism Industry has been a significant contributor to the worldwide economy and has also catalyzed development in terms of employment.

Our Vision

Our Endeavour is to connect the young minds of the North East, particularly Sikkim, with their counterparts across the country and contribute in Nation building.

Our Vision

Our Endeavor is to connect the young minds of the North East, particularly Sikkim, with their counterparts across the country and contribute in Nation building.


Invacations is a Sikkim based entity committed to enriching students through educational travel, and that means helping teachers extend the opportunity to as many students as possible, in addition to offering the guaranteed best prices in educational travel.

We believe travel plays an important part in education. It helps to develop social skills and team building, stimulates personal growth, adaption and observation skills and gives opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs.

We have over many years combined experience in providing the utmost in quality, authenticity and service in the educational travel industry.

Explore Northeast with Invacations

While India may be known for its affinity to spirituality and religious practices and festivals, not many know that the north-eastern part of India….

These eight states offers a unique experience to known tribal culture and ethnic diversities of tribal world in India……………..

North-east India is home to a large number of tribes and these tribes have a rich handicraft tradition of their own………………….

The seven sister states are a slice of paradise on earth, this place is blessed with natural beauty and colorful flora and fauna…………

For the conscious traveler, north-east India offers many Eco-friendly destinations to choose from. There’s Khonoma in Nagaland……….

The dense semi-evergreen forest reserves of North East India are inhabited by many tribes as well as by wild species of animals……

It was in 2004 that Sikkim embarked upon a journey to become a fully organic state. It managed to achieve this ambitious feat 12 years later…….

The cuisines from the eight north-eastern states couldn’t be more different from that of mainland Indian food. For one, the use……..


Educational Travel is not only about lasting reminiscences and activities that leave a vivid impression on the young mind.

Privileges of student travel exceed the particular subject. It is a journey of worth adventure that offers a child a new purpose, determination, networking, the broad concept of survivability apart from knowledge of cultural diversity, ethnicity, and way of living. Invacations have analyzed that "Student Travel" has a positive impact on psychological and mental well being. Children engaged in Student travel often review about changes like a boost in social and educational performance—improvements in interactive skills and creativity.



Safety of your child is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we ensure that 1 teacher travels per 15 students.


Invacations offers affordable priced Tours while keeping in mind the quality, educational content & authenticity. We are equipped with the ability to give our clients the best deals in the market and passing on the savings to you with no compromise with quality and efficiency.


An experienced tour guide accompanies your children so that your kids get maximum learning and exposure.

Pre Tour Information

Invacations  provides you with a Travel Docket, two weeks in advance from the date of travel, containing information which includes the Date wise Tour Schedule, transportation details, hotel details and all the important contact numbers of our local staff and the Tour Director in case of any emergency.

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